We can Fix your PC & MAC

Having trouble with your Desktop PC or Mac?  We can get it fixed right away, We have multiple technicians ready to assist you and get you back working again. We do charge a diagnosis fee of $30.00 and is applied to any final bill. Our staff will also help guide you in the decision of replacing your Computer or repairing and weigh the pros and cons.

Avie Pros stocks an assortment of PC parts, Including Ram, Hard drives, power supplies, and computer cases for a speedier repair and also for self repair enthusiast or the Custom PC builder.   We also have some mac parts in stock as well.


PC Repair Services

We can handle all aspects of PC repair including Mechanical failure, software, and upgrades. Bring your device in today so we can assess your problems.


   Upgrading of RAM, HDD.

   Upgrade to SSD for faster speed.

   Motherboard Replacement.

   Virus Removal.

   Installing Operating Systems.

   No internet.

   Battery Replacement.

   Many other basic as well as complicated problems. 


MAC Repair Services

We service all apple iMac, Mac minis, and Servers as well we can upgrade older macs for you and renew your older iMac with better speeds.


   Power on problems

   iMAC Screen Damaged Repair

   iMAC Motherboard Repair.

   Virus Removal.

   Upgrading of RAM.

   iMAC Harddisk Repair.

   Software Problem.

   Many other basic as well as complicated problems.


  Contact us any suitable way so our Technician’s Can help you! Call us on 502-385-0600