Avie Pros has been repairing tablets since the very first iPad.  We Fix more than just apple iPad as well, Including Samsung tab, LG, Kindle, Kindle Fire, and Asus and many other brands. We can repair many faults with tablets including broken iPad screen, charging issues, battery, and fast discharge issue’s.

How much does it cost to get my tablet or iPad screen fixed?

If your tablet or iPad screen or LCD is broke or busted we can get you fixed right up and most repairs are very economical and worth bringing life back to your favorite device.

Battery not charging or draining fast?

Notice your Apple iPad, Samsung Tab , or other tablet Discharging faster than normal?   We can test your tablet and replace the internal battery of any tablet if needed.

Charging port malfunction on not working?

Charging port causing you problems?  Apple iPad, Samsung tab, and many other Tablets can fall victim to a damaged charging port and we can fix it!

Tablet Repair Done Right!

We have many process’s in place when replacing the glass or any internal component of a iPad or Samsung tab and other models.   With these process’s in place it allows us to repair your tablet in a dust free environment and a seal that we can put a 12 month warranty behind.