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We have been repairing tablets just as long as cell phones.  Through years of developement we have refined replacing glass on ipads and other tablets to a art insuring great finished product.  We give a no hassle 1 year warranty, if you have issue bring it in and we will correct it as long as there is no physical damage or liquid damage.  We service most brands and models if you don't see yours listed at the bottom give us a call for a quick qoute.

Broken glass or no display?

Broken glass?  No problem, Most screens are repaired within 48 hours.  If your screen in not coming on and does not look damaged we also can determine what you actual problem is and in some cases still have it repaired within 48 hours. For pricing you can refer to the bottom of the page for your brand and model, If you brand or model is not listed just give us a call and we will give you a quik qoute.


Having other issues with your tablet?  Speaker, microphone, and bottons and many other issues can be repaired in our shop. Charging port issues as well can be repaired either by port replacements or microsoldering a new one on to the motherboard.  We can diagnose virtually any issues including manufacture flaws that require SMD soldering techniques.  No appointment neccessary just walk in.

Battery problems?

Battery not lasting through the day?  Battery drain issues sometime can be tricky. Apps and proccessor failure along with battery age or error in manufacturing the battery can always play a role in a battery charge or discharge rates.  First thing you should do is remove any apps your not using along with antivirus and battery saving apps we have found some to actually cause extremely fast battery drain.  Charge then test your phone again.   Proccessor Failure is a little harder one of the best signs is exssisve heat while phone is on stanby and not on charge.  Signs of a bad battery is rapid battery drain going from 80%-50% in minutes along with many other signs.  We can test your battery on a diagnosing machine for $8.99 but we can usually diagnose that just by symptoms alone.

Liquid damage?

Did your Tablet get wet? Liquid damage can be one of the worse things you could put your tablet through, liquid,  voltage and corrosuion it's a mix for disaster.  Even if your tablet is still operational with corrosion setting in over hours, weeks and months it can cause you trouble down the road and could be saved if put through our liquid restoration proccess early on.  Timing is everything the sooner your device is serviced the better off your device will be.  Rice is not a good idea and also allows you to delay serviceing your device and with corrosion setting in it don't take long to ruin electrical circuits on your device.  For more details please see out liquid restoration page or give us a call.

iPad glass repair

iPad parts are readily available and usually have stock daily for your convience. Repairs on screens are usually ready within 48 hours. Currently all iPads have a 1 year manufacture defect warranty.

iPad Pro 9.7"                         $269.99

iPad Pro 12.9"                      $269.99

iPad Air 2                                $279.99

iPad Air                                    $86.99

iPad 4                                        $84.99

iPad 3                                        $84.99

iPad 2                                        $84.99

iPad mini 4                             $159.99

iPad mini 3                             $129.99

iPad mini 2                             $96.99

iPad mini                                 $96.99

Microsoft Surface Repairs

Microsoft surface lcd repairs can be quick usually ready with in 48 hours not including weekends.  Below you can reference your model and price.  However pricing and availalbe are subject to change.  Price includes installation and 1 yr warranty from manufacture defect. 

Surface RT 1516                           $99.99

Surface Pro 1 & 2                         $109.99

Surface Pro 3                                  $249.99

Surface RT2 1572                       $99.99

Surface 3 LTE 1657                    $269.99

Surface Pro 4                                 $189.99

Surface RT3  1645                      $259.99

Surface Pro 5 1796                    $389.99