Smartphone Screen Repair

Crack or bust your cell phone screen?  Avie Pros trained technicians are ready to get your smartphone repaired, or diagnosed, and back to life.

We have several grades for some model’s as well as service packs.  We like to leave you the choice on quality and cost to better help you.   When repairing your cracked screen we cover all brands including Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Pixel.

We Provide Battery Repair

Phone not charging or holding a charge? We offer battery repair for cell phones along with some outstanding battery warranties.   A replacement battery will renew your device with performance and standby time.

Smartphone Dosen't Working? Don't Panic

We can provide Smartphone Repair & Services

We also can handle a vast amount of other issue’s with smartphone’s.  If your unsure of the actual issue we also can diagnose your phone at no charge.  Give us a call today for quote or set up a appointment.


   Broken Screen.

   Diagnostic Service.

   Battery Replacement.

   Charging Port Repair.

   Ear Speaker fix

   Microphone not working.

   Back Glass Replacement.

   Frame Replacement.

   Many other basic as well as complicated problems.