Game Console Repair

When you’re game console fails it’s not game over yet, Most console issue’s can be repaired for a fraction of replacing.  Our team can Diagnose your console and quickly repair the issue or let you know honestly it’s time to move on. We repair most console’s from Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and even Nintendo devices.

We Provide Port Repair

Ports on a console can get damaged from drops, use, and wear from transporting the console. Avie Pros in Frankfort, KY can replace your HDMI, USB, and Charging Ports.

We stock most HDMI ports to help on the speed of the repair and get you gaming again. You can utilize our in-store and mail-in service to get your gaming console repaired, Come see us today!

Gaming Console Overheating? Don't Panic

We can provide Gaming Console Repair & Services

Avie Pros in Frankfort, KY can service your gaming console and maintain it and keep it from overheating.  We stock a wide range of parts and virtually repair all Game console systems. See out some of the potential problems below.

   Hard Drive Failure.

   Updating issues.

   HMDI Port Repair.

   Disc Reading issue’s.

   Video Camera Repair and sell.

   Fan replacement.

   Overheating issues.

   Many other basic as well as complicated problems.