Maintaining your TV set can save you the cost of repairing and replacing new parts and, most importantly, can extend the life of your flat screen. We often forget to do the easiest of things, like turning off the TV before sleeping. Sometimes, the voltage in the power supply goes unchecked, giving rise to spikes in electricity, further damaging the internal circuits. 

The biggest enemy of electronics is dust, which leads to short circuits and potentially damages the screen beyond repair. Below are ten essential tips for maintaining your TV set:

1. Make sure there is enough ventilation 

Like most electronics, TV sets have a motherboard present inside, which holds a lot of components. These components heat up when the TV set operates, and the ventilation system does the job of venting out the heat. Therefore, it is essential to ensure breathing space between the TV and the wall. A closed room can spice up the heat and invite difficulties, ultimately affecting the lifespan of the TV. The best solution is to keep the TV set in an air-conditioned room to remain calm. 

2. Keep the brightness under check 

We all love watching TV in high definition with maximum brightness and contrast settings, but watching TV on such high settings can strain the eyes and the screen. High contrast settings on your TV set can also degrade the picture quality, requiring you to replace the TV set after a few years.  

3. Use a surge protector 

Power surges can easily damage any TV set. To keep it safe from power surges, one must invest in a surge protector. A surge protector not only secures your TV set from damage but also helps to prevent fire hazards. It is recommended to have all home appliances plugged into a surge protector. 

4. Regular cleaning is a must 

It is recommended that you get good quality products meant for cleaning TV sets. At times, dust accumulates on the screen, affecting visibility. Never use water to clean the screen. Anti-static electricity cleaners are a must-have and are safe to use. 

5. Switch off when not in use 

All appliances depreciate in tandem with usage. In simple terms, the more we use it, the more its life decreases. Thus, use your TV set only when you watch it. Leaving the TV on for a long time can damage the components, leading to frequent repairs. Do you wish to spend money on repairs, significantly if you have invested a hefty amount of money on the TV itself? So, switch your TV off when not in use. 

6. Place the TV in a room with the right temperature 

It is crucial to know that TV sets must not be installed in places with very high temperatures. Its lifespan consistently reduces if done so. Instead, place the TV in a less humid atmosphere with fewer temperature fluctuations. 

7. Place the TV set to a socket with an adequate power supply 

If you are residing in a place where there are a lot of power fluctuations and frequent power failures, make sure you connect your TV set to a stabilizer so that it doesn’t get harmed by current supply factors. 

8. Control contrast level

Contrast determines the distinction between the bright and dark colors of the display. The energy consumption concerning the contrast works precisely like the brightness. When contrast is high, more energy gets consumed and vice versa. Keeping the contrast high can affect the display quality, gradually reducing the longevity of the TV set. 

9. Keep magnets away 

Always keep your TV set away from objects that contain electromagnetic/ static electricity, such as cell phones, fans, GPS, and other electrical equipment, because it may interfere with pictures and cause damage. 

10. Try not experimenting 

Unless you are an expert in operating TV sets, refrain from experimenting, or it can get damaged, as the motherboard boasts many delicate components that can be wrecked with the slightest touch of tools. If it needs to be opened up for repairs, entrust your TV set to an expert who is well-versed in the same. 

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