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With 20+ years expeerience with repairing TV's we can help with estimating repairs and help you decide to repair or move on to a newer model just give us a call.

TV not coming on or no image?

When your tv is not coming on always check the power connection and try unpluggin for a couple of hours and try again. If you still having trouble you can bring to our shop and we can service the unit and give you a qoute for repair. We do charge a $60.00 Diagnosis fee that is applied to final bill if you choose to repair your tv.

Break your cable port?

If you break your cable port on your tv we can repair those with out replacing the Main board, bring in ther part you broke off when you can. Some cases will have extensive board damage when that happens a qoute will be givin to replace the main board or input board. Cable port repair fee is a flat $60.00 unless there is extensive board damage.

Repairing a TV our thoughts.

Tv's really have gotten affordable. At this time we no longer accept 32" and smaller Tv's there replacement cost have dipped so low that it just not good money spent repairing a TV that size or lower. We only service LCD's and LED's, no longer servicing plasma, crt or rear projection due to parts availability and age.  42" and larger LCD's and LED's can be worth repairing depending on age and what the problem is, cost of the part and availability.

What to expect when repairing.

Once you bring your tv in and we check it in and start Diagnosis in most cases diagnosis is completed in 1 to 3 days, If it a a simple repair like  cable port or capacitor as an example those sets are usually repaired within 1 to 2 days. if it is a Part or Module replacement repair time will depend on shipping and part availablity this is completly out of our hands and some parts do have to come from factory or china which can take up to 3 weeks for arrival in some cases. Once your tv is repaired you will get a 1yr warranty on the part repaired. If you have any other question just ask.