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Avie Pros offers a wide variety of computer repair and maintenance services. There are multiple ways our technicians can assist you. For your convenience we offer in-shop repair and on-line repair. We do charge a diagnostic fee on laptops and computers and there are some exclusions. The services that are excluded are data recovery and lcd replacements. You pay your diagnosis fee upon dropping off $30.00 and we will diagnose your machine and give you a qoute and if your repair the diagnosis fee is applied to your qoute.

Your computer running slow?


Is your computer running slow or can't access the internet? We have a PC clean & tune packedge that will solve many issues you could be having along with making sure your pc is running at it's best. Fixing winodws errors, update errors, remove virus, worms, trojans, rootkits, rogues, spyware, malware, and more starting at $89.99.  OS re-installs are available from $89.99-$119.99 depends on operating system version.


Hardware failures!

Hardware failures can range form not booting, not charging, overheating, no display, acting dead, and physical damage like a hinge on a laptop. We can take care of all these issues please give us a call or bring it in.  We also have liquid damage restoration as well that can recover a liquid damaged device.

Computer not booting?

Your computer not boot or stuck booting? These issues can be fixed, in some cases OS is just corrupted or possably a bad hard drive, even motherboard damage can cause this among many other issues.


We now are carrying software.  With over 100 titles including Office in many diffrent versions, Antivius and windows 10 as well as software for mac. Give us a call or come in to see if we have what your looking for. All software other than OS include installation and configuration when you purchase it.

Data Recovery

Have a bad hard drive, exrternal drive or thumb drive not functioning correctly? We can help from rebuilding the drive to data recovery. Data recovery starts out at $39.99 with a 8gb thumb drive included.   Remember our higher end recovery's are for very vital data you can not lose and most shops would have told you it's not recoverable. **If you are mailing a drive in to our data recover dept please just send the drive no computers.