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Overheating or Shutting down?

We can help you!  Over time dust and other particles can coat the inside of your video gaming console, the dust can damage, slow down, and even cause your fan to fail overtime. Thermal compound on the CPU/GPU can break down over time and need to be renewed. 

Bring in your video gaming console for a cleaning, we will disassemble unit, clean the unit enternally, test and check fans, clean drive and renew the thermal compound for you! 

No Video?

Did your Xbox or Sony console lose video output?  The port can get damaged from use and moving the console from place to place.  Damaging the port along with surges from equipment can also damage internal components like the video output IC, small parts, or the GPU itself. 


We can diagnose the problem as well as fix the issue as long as it's economical to repair.  HDMI ports can be replaced and back in service within 24 hours.   Hardware repairs may also entail free internal cleaning and thermal compound replacement!


Other Issues

We also repair and replace disk drives.  Problems can be anything from other objects in the drive to worn gears, laser assemblies, etc.

Some issues may be caused by a failing or failed Hard Drive. These issues can be fixed and in some cases fixed with little to no data loss!

Remotes wear out and break. We can repair your oem, Scuf , and modded controllers. replacing your analog sticks, button, motors, and more!

Handheld Gaming Repair

Having trouble with a handheld device? We repair handhelds ranging from the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo Switch!  Common handheld issues include cracked LCDs, damaged ports, etc.

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