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Due to apples relentless flexation and motherboard issues our check in time duration is longer than it used to be,  we will test your phone for signs of these issues at check in and again before repair and afterward. We are not happy with adding the check-in delay but between apple and the dropping, flexing, and bending there is a lot that can go wrong.

We have been serviceing Smartphone's since 2008  following the release of the first iPhone in june of 2007. Repairing phones longer than most in central Kentucky gives us a edge on the competition due to quanity and speed.  We service most brands and models if you don't see yours below or your problem give us a call.

Broken glass or no display?

Broken Screen?  No problem, Most screens are repaired within a hour.  If your screen in not coming on and does not look damaged we also can determine what you actual problem is and in some cases still have it repaired within a hour. For pricing you can refer to the bottom of the page for your brand and model, If you brand or model is not listed just give us a call and we will give you a quick qoute.


Having other issues with your cell phone?  Speaker, microphone, and bottons and many other issues can be repaired in our shop. Charging port issues as well can be repaired either by port replacements or microsoldering a new one on to the motherboard. Charge port replaceing starts out at $44.95 and can be ready within a hour or so. Backglasss on phones can be replaced and some are stocked right in our shop for convience. We can diagnose virtually any issues including manufacture flaws that require SMD soldering techniques.  No appointment neccessary just walk in.

Battery Problems?

Battery not lasting through the day?  Battery drain issues sometime can be tricky. Apps and proccessor failure along with battery age or error in manufacturing the battery can always play a role in a battery charge or discharge rates.  First thing you should do is remove any apps your not using along with antivirus and battery saving apps we have found some to actually cause extremely fast battery drain.  Charge then test your phone again.   Proccessor Failure is a little harder one of the best signs is excessive heat while phone is in stanby and not on charge.  Signs of a bad battery is rapid battery drain going from 80%-50% in minutes along with many other signs.  We will test your battery regardless of symptoms to insure a accurate repair.   Battery replacements for the most part range $34.99-$64.99 with a no questions asked one year warranty.  

Liquid Damage?

Did your phone get wet? Liquid damage can be one of the worse things you could put your phone through with liquid, voltage and corrosuion it's a mix for disaster.  Even if your phone is still operational with corrosion setting in over hours, weeks and months it can cause you trouble down the road and could be saved if put through our liquid restoration proccess early on.  Timing is everything the sooner your device is serviced the better off your device will be.  Rice is not a good idea and also allows you to delay serviceing your device and with corrosion setting in it don't take long to ruin electrical circuits on your device.  For more details give us a call.

Glass Only Repair


We offer glass only repair on some models of cell phone and tablets.   This can be a lengthy process on some models and can take up to 24 hours if and when the glass is in stock.  Glass only can range from $65.00-$150.00 depending on model.  We use both loca and oca Methods depending on model and also perform the final assembly in a controlled ISO 5 class 100 clean room enviroment to ensure a dust free refurbished lcd.

iPhone Aftermarket Vs Premium LCD replacment

This is where things can get a bit confusing.  Not all aftermarkets or premiums are the same.   There are many diffrent grades of aftermarkets and we use the highest quality we can find.   There are a few diffrent variations of premiums ours use original lcd, flex cables, digitizer, backlight, 3D touch and glass.   Premiums have a thicker glass and better hardness, do to the thickness of a aftermarket lcd the glass has to be thinner compared to a premium.  We also install factory seals on LCD assembly per model. Below you can see diffrence's in better detail between the two we carry at this time.


(Premium LCD Assembly)

Polarized Lens

Cold pressed frames

lifetime warranty (defects only)


Olephobic coating

LCD brand (OEM)

Digitizer (OEM)

510 Nits

Front Glass Strength 9H

Backlight (OEM)



(Aftermarket LCD Assembly)

Polarized Lens

Cold pressed frames

lifetime warranty (defects only)


Olephobic coating

LCD brand (4.7 old tianma/5.5 AUO)

Digitizer (G+G Tech)

450 Nits min

Front Glass Strength 7H-8H

Backlight (ESR Japan)

Either Assembly will break if dropped the right way with or without a case and tempered glass for protection  it is glass sitting on a metal frame!


Samsung S series Aftermarket Vs Premium


Samsung is a little easier to explain the diffrence's.  Basically Premium is a samung service pack completly original sometimes in frame depending on model and generally will be alot more expensive than aftermarket.  Why is it so much more expensive that aftermarket or iphone lcd's?  Samsung uses AMOLED  Display very high quality and very expensive to make.  Aftermarkets are a copy useing a lcd instead of a amoled display, still high quality but the lcd being used instead of amloed allows the price to be less than premium. 

Other Brands Aftermarket or Premium


For the most part all other brands and lower end samsung are original/Premium quality.


Online Quote

Below you can use our widget and find out pricing for reference on various repairs.  Repairs are walk-in or mail in only at this time, Most repairs are done within a hour.

If your Device or Repair is not listed please call 502-385-0600 for a live quote.