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Avoid Online Survey's

by: Taylor Wolfe

If it sounds too good to be

true, it probably is.

Ways of identifying and avoiding:

Take into consideration exactly where the sweepstake/survey/survey is offered from and what type of information they are asking from you. In situations where these types of scams are asking for e-mails, credit card numbers, name, etc. It is best to avoid giving this type of information anywhere on the internet besides fully trusted websites.

Always remember the most important rule on the internet. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. It may be hard to believe, but there are very few authentic giveaways & sweepstakes on the internet. These types of offers will usually be very appealing at first glance and may look so real and convincing that you may be tempted to oblige to its requests. In almost every situation, you must resist and ignore these types of scams.

Another very common type of scam you’ll see on the internet are “survey for rewards”. In very few situations will these surveys deliver the things promised beforehand. With low odds of getting the thing promised, it usually a good idea to just avoid surveys on the internet. In conclusion, from now on if you see something online offering free goods in exchange for a small bit of your time/information, you should almost always steer clear. Almost nothing is life is free and that saying definitely holds true

on the internet.