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Why you should consider paying for anti-virus

In the age of modern era where technological advancements are up on a rise specifically considering computer software’s, the need of protecting ourselves on the internet from various malwares has been seen as dire need in today’s world. 


With all the different anti-virus options available out there, it can definitely be tough making a decision. Along with issue of which name to choose, you also have the choice of free or paid. 


Free anti-viruses may sound appealing to your average joe with little to no tech knowledge but it’s important not underestimate what’s out there and capable of messing with your machine. Although you may be able to find a software that does a pretty good job for the low cost of free, it may be worth it to you to consider go with the best possible software offering maximum protection.


Tests have found that paid-for anti-virus software’s are more successful at detecting and removing malware than anti-viruses that are free. Also, most free anti-virus software’s are just ‘lite’ versions of paid versions of the same software, which means they are putting a wall between the user and the most protection available. 

Emsisoft is one of the prime examples for paid-for anti-virus software’s that users prefer! With its combination of low-price and groundbreaking duel anti-virus and anti-malware in one, It’s hard not to recommend it. Emsisoft also offers its real-time protection and web surfing protection with its anti-virus packages so you’re protected from many angles.


By:Taylor Wolfe